This paper presents an interactive system for creating natural looking 3D hairstyles, by which users can cut, comb and perm the hair model and generate realistic hair images. The system contains three stages: modeling, styling and rendering. In the first phrase, the system produces a physical hair model using a cantilever beam simulation with collision detection. Then the styling phrase is a hair editing process, performing styling operations to change the lengths, positions and curvatures of hair strands. Seven operations are developed for styling. A special hardware rotor platform is developed to aid the hair cut process, so that manipulation by two hands that simulate the real styling is made possible. Users can interact with tools and create various convincing hairstyles. Our system together with the rotor platform increases the ease of hairstyling 60% time saving and can render natural hair images with shadow and back-lighting effects.

Keywords Hairstyle, virtual hair modeling, hair styling, collision detection, 3D characters.