Simulating Virtual Character's Learning Behaviour as An Evolutionary Process Using Genetic Algorithms

Tao Ruan Wan and Wen Tang

University of Bradford and University of Teesside
Department of Electronic Imaging and Media Communications of Bradford University
and Department of Computing and Mathematics of Teesside University
+44 1274 236086
BD7 1DP,Bradford

Keywords: Autonomous virtual learning characters, motion control, genetic algorithms, virtual environment


In this paper, we describe a genetic algorithm approach to simulate complex virtual character's learning behaviours as an evolutionary process. The method presented here enables virtual character to have abilities to learn for specific assigned tasks. The skill for the task can be developed and evolved through the experiences of performing the task. The animation system presented here has two tightly coupled simulation units, which are an artificial brain unit for learning and controlling and a physics-based motion simulation unit driven by simulated muscle forces