gArbitrary viewpoint video synthesis from uncalibrated multiple camerash

Satoshi Yaguchi and Hideo Saito.


In this paper, we propose a method for arbitrary view synthesis from@uncalibrated multiple camera system, targeting large space such as@soccer stadium. In Projective Grid Space (PGS), that is the@three-dimensional space defined by epipolar geometry between the two@basis cameras in the camera system, we reconstruct three dimensional@shape models from the silhouette images.@By using the three dimensional shape model reconstructed in PGS, we@can obtain the dense point correspondence map between reference images.@The obtained correspondence can synthesize the image of arbitrary view between the reference images.@We also propose the method for merging@the synthesized images with the virtual background scene in PGS.@We apply the proposed method to image sequences taken by the multiple camera@system, which is developed in a large space on a concert hall.  The@synthesized image sequences of virtual camera have enough quality to@demonstrate effectiveness of the proposed method.