Weighted Multi-pass Method based on
Stochastic Iteration and Random Walk

Text Box: Abstract
Multipass algorithms implement different rendering methods and
combine their results. If carefully implemented, these
algorithms can keep the advantages of individual methods.
Algorithms of multipass global illumination may handle
disjoint parts of light transport paths in different passes,
and include all light transport only once in the final
solution. On the other hand, they may also generate the same paths,
thus their contribution should be weighted in
order to get an unbiased estimation. In this paper a weighted
combination of global ray bundle iteration and path tracing is
presented. Heuristics for the weights are derived to get
the benefits from both approaches. Results show
significant improvements compared to both ray bundle iteration
and path tracing.

György Antal, László Szirmay-Kalos, Ferenc Csonka
Technical University
of Budapest
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology
Budapest, Pázmány Péter s. 1/D,
H-1117        Hungary