Insertion of Three Dimensional Objects in Architectural Photos

Beatriz Silva Villa Alvarez
Paulo Cezar Pinto Carvalho
Marcelo Gattass

PUC - Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
IMPA - Nacional Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics
VisGraf - Vision and Graphics Laboratory
TecGraf - Computer Graphics Laboratory

Article submitted to WSCG 2002.

Abstract. This paper proposes a simple and interactive system that allows modifying a photographic picture of a three-dimensional scene involving architectural elements, so that the user can evaluate the aesthetic effects and the impact such modifications in the real environment would cause in other people. The method is based on the existence, in architectural pictures, of three main directions of interest, which are mutually orthogonal. The identification of vanishing points of such directions allows calibrating the camera used to take the pictures and also inserting new elements into the scene.

Keywords: three-dimensional edition, camera calibration, projection, pictures, vanishing points, orthogonal directions.

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