The ACM / IEEE Computer Curriculum 2001

was held during the WSCG 2001 conference as a special session.
The updated CC2001 proposal is available at the - please, see it for reference

Computer Curricula 2001 session
The ACM - IEEE Computer Science Curricula CG2001 panel session was held duringthe WSCG event.
The current version of the CG2001 is available at
Steve Cunningham:
Computer Graphics in Computer Science Curriculum 2001, California State University, USA
Ioannis Kakadiaris, University of Houston, USA
Bengtsson,E: (
Computer Vision and Computer Graphics- Educational Activities at Uppsala University (Sweden)

I.Kakadiaris, USA

S.Cunningham, USA

Both answering questions

Heading to questions

E.Bengtsson, Sweden

Explaining some issues

Small part of audience

CC2001 discussion


Last update: 23.06.2001