Color-Table Animation of Fast Oriented Line Integral Convolution for Vector Field Visualization

Siegrun Berger, Eduard Gröller


Institute of Computer Graphics

Vienna University of Technology, Karlsplatz 13/186/2

A-1040 Vienna




Fast Oriented Line Integral Convolution (FROLIC), which is a variant of LIC, illustrates 2D vector fields by approximating a streamlet by a set of disks with varying intensity. FROLIC does not only show the direction of the flow but also its orientation. This paper presents color-table animation of FROLIC images. Various color-table compositions are discussed in detail. When animating FROLIC images visual artifacts (pulsation, synchronization) must be avoided. Several strategies in this respect are dealt with. Color-table animation of FROLIC has been implemented as a Visual C++ application, whereby the calculation of the dynamical system is performed with Mathematica. This allows researchers from various disciplines to conveniently explore and investigate analytically defined 2D and 3D vector fields.

Keywords: oriented line integral convolution, color-table animation