The MultiCAD Project:
 toward an intelligent multimedia information system for CAD


George Miaoulis1, Dimitri Plemenos2, Dimitri Magos1, Christos Skourlas1


Section of Information Systems, Department of Informatics
Technological Educational Institute of Athens
Ag. Spyridonos Str, EGALEO, ATHENS 12210, GREECE
Tel.: (+301) 5909002, Fax: (+301) 5911590,
E-mail :,,

Laboratoire Méthodes et Structures Informatiques - MSI
Faculté des Sciences, Université de Limoges
83,rue d'Isle, 87060 LIMOGES CEDEX, FRANCE,
Phone: (+33) 5 55 43 69 74, FAX: (+33) 5 55 43 69 77,






In this work, we present a set of proposals for the definition of a generalised multimedia information system. The system supports production of scenes using techniques of the declarative modelling by hierarchical decomposition. These proposals include a declarative design process model, the corresponding user needs and define information system framework. The resulting software system architecture is also presented and a prototype of it is implemented. The whole system named MultiCAD is developed as a joint project between laboratory MSI of the University of Limoges and the Information systems and applications Group of the TEI of Athens.


Keywords: computer graphics, CAD, conceptual modelling, design process, design knowledge representation, multimedia information systems, knowledge-based systems, decision support systems.