The Design and Application of High-resolution 3D

Stereoscopic Graphics Display on PC



Duoduo Liao Shiaofen Fang

Department of Computer & Information Science

Purdue University School of Science





This paper describes methods and procedures for real-time rendering of high-resolution 3D stereoscopic graphics using an improved 3D OpenGL accelerator on PC platform. The hardware architecture and software development of the stereoscopic accelerator are first analyzed, followed by in detail description of SDK of stereo display control for Windows NT. Using a special driver and the SDK, the high-resolution 3D stereoscopic graphics is easy to program and control in real-time, with a simple interface to stereo viewing devices. At the end, a few extended stereo PC systems will be discussed. These systems further improve the stereoscopic capacities for low-cost industrial graphics applications.

Keywords: Stereoscopic display, virtual reality, double buffering, quad buffering, stereo synchronization control, stereo SDK.