Interactive Focus and Context Display of Large Raster Images


Uwe Rauschenbach, Tino Weinkauf, Heidrun Schumann

University of Rostock
Computer Science Department
D-18051 Rostock


This paper presents the Rectangular FishEye View, an interactive focus-and-context presentation technique for large raster images on mobile computers with small displays and limited processing power. Both the viewing of locally available images and the demand-driven display and transmission of remotely-stored images are supported by the technique. The underlying geometry calculations are explained, and the design decisions for supporting rapid interactive feedback are discussed. A scenario is described which demonstrates the performance of the method.


Fish Eye View, Raster Images, Interactive Display, Focus-and-Context Techniques, Mobile Computers

Uwe Rauschenbach, 09/12/1999
{urausche, weinkauf, schumann}