Outi Marttila and Petri Vuorimaa
Telecommunication Software and Multimedia Laboratory,
Helsinki University of Technology,
P.O Box 5400, FI-02015 HUT, Finland.
omarttil@tcm.hut.fi and Petri.Vuorimaa@hut.fi


The most remarkable trends in communication have been the huge popularity of Internet and the growth of digital cellular telephony usage. There is a strong demand to combine these two in the form of mobile Internet access. This paper discusses the service implementation issues for the wireless environment. The requirements placed on the services and service development by the mobility are presented, and the usage of the next generation, XML based modelling languages in the wireless services is analyzed. The results are based on the experiments gained from the implementation of three demonstration services.

Keywords: XML, XSL, SMIL, DOM, ECMAScript, mobile multimedia.