Registration of image medical data

B. Jezek 1
K. Antos 1
V. Chrobok 2
E. Simakova 3

1 Purkyne Military Medical Academy Hradec Kralove
Czech Republic,

2 Department of Otolaryngology, Hospital Pardubice
Czech Republic

3 Department of Pathology, Hospital Hradec Kralove
Czech Republic


The paper deals with registration algorithms. Suitable procedures for the registration of image medical data are presented. During our work we used manual registration and point-based registration methods to register digitized slices of the temporal bone. To create referential points we included a different type of biological material to the sample of the explored object and the preparation was embedded in paraffin wax. The manual registration was found to be more precise than the point-based registration. Three dimensional reconstructions of the inner ear, ossicles of the middle ear and the facial nerve were made from the set of registered data.

Keywords: registration, medical imaging, reconstruction, temporal bone