Geometrical Reconstruction from Single Line Drawings Using Optimization-Based Approaches

Company, P.; Gomis, J.M. and Contero, M.


Universitat Jaume I . (Dept. de Tecnología)

Campus del Riu Sec. E12071 Castellón. Spain,


Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. (Dept. de Expresión Gráfica en la Ingeniería)

Camino de Vera S/N. E46022 Valencia. Spain



Optimization is one of the most promising approaches for geometrical reconstruction. In this approach, the 2D vertices of the given image maintain their plane coordinates (X,Y), while a set of Z coordinates (orthogonal to the plane) is computed to obtain a 3D configuration that matches the "implicit spatial information" contained in the departure drawing. In other words, Z coordinates are the variables, and image regularities are used to define both the Objective Function and the Constraints.

Some authors have introduced and tested the approach. Nevertheless, some improvements are needed. Mainly because in this problem only global optimum is acceptable in order to ensure the "psychologically plausible" model is always the one to be obtained. In this paper, some key aspects of one strategy proposed by the authors to convey the optimization process towards the psychologically plausible solution are discussed.

Keywords: geometrical reconstruction, optimization.