Comparison of 2D and 3D objects for parts reuse

Jean-Pierre JUNG, Sandrine LEINEN



Université de Metz

Ile du Saulcy

57045 Metz cedex







The design of new parts with a CAD software is a task which requires much reflection of the designer. We propose to assist him for this task by integrating the concept of re-use. Indeed, we will associate with the system of CAD a functionality allowing to detect automatically equalities or inclusions between the part in design and the library's data. The method employed in 2D, is based on a method of objects constraints graph normalization. Then, it adapts the graph formalism of the concept of CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem) for the comparison of normalized representations. In 3D, the method employed is based on a representation of the geometrical volumical model called DSG (Destructive Solid Geometry) and defined a rules system making possible the comparison of volumical representations.


Keywords : Computer Aided Design, constraints, modelization, Constrainst Satisfaction Problem, Destructive Solid Geometry