Fast Geometrical Wrinkles on Animated Surfaces

MIRALab, University of Geneva
CH-1211, Switzerland
Email: [pascal|thalmann]
Phone: -41 (22) 705 77 63 Fax: -41 (22) 705 77 80


Fast and interactive animation of polygon based surface models such as cloth and skin usually require to perform the animation on a rough surface description containing as few polygons as possible.. Fine wrinkle patterns usually disappear in the process, as their deformation scale becomes incompatible with the size of the mesh elements. We propose a fast geometrical wrinkling algorithm which can be implemented on top of any rough surface deformation model, and which modulates the amplitude of a predefined wrinkle heightmap in order to simulate metric surface conservation.

A wrinkle pattern is initially applied on the animated surface mesh. The native edge length of the mesh is used to compute dynamically the amplitude of the wrinkles as the mesh is deformed using a fast and robust geometric model. Several wrinkle patterns can be combined to simulate complex deformations. The presented implementation deforms an interpolated mesh with adaptive refinement to display the wrinkles.

Keywords: wrinkles, surface animation, cloth simulation, skin deformation, smoothing, interactive display.