The Fourth International Conference in Central Europe


Computer Graphics and Visualization'96

(W S C G ' 9 6)

February 12.- 16., 1996
University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic


Vaclav Skala
The conference was organized in cooperation with IFIP working group 5.10 on Computer Graphics and Virtual Worlds.

WSCG'96 Conference Proceedings (complete ZIP file)
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The Fourth International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics and Visualization'96 was held at the University of West Bohemia in Plzen (Pilsen). Original contributions reporting research results and experimental studies on algorithms in computer graphics, computational and differencial geometry, especially on computer animation, GUIs, geometrical modelling, radiosity, virtual reality, parallel and distributed graphics, fractals, scientific visualization and volume rendering.

The program included video show, books exhibition and latest commercial hardware and software products presentation.

Selected photos from the conference

International Programme Committee

Nadia Magnenat-Thälmann, MIRALab-CUI, Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland, Co-Chair
Vaclav Skala, Univ. of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, Co-Chair

Brian Barsky (USA) Ken Brodlie (UK) Gulio Casciola (I)
Alan Chalmers (UK) Gordon Clapworthy (UK) Steve Cunningham (USA)
John Day (AU) Dieter Fellner (D) Andrej Ferko (SK)
Martin Göbel (D) Eduard Gröller (A) Wolfgang Herzner (A)
Roger Hubbold (UK) Lars Kjelldahl (S) Annie Luciani (F)
Alan Middleditch (UK) Vojtech Mockrzycki (PL) G.Scott Owen (USA)
Derek Paddon (UK) Hans-Peter Seidel (D) Francois Sillion (F)
Wolfgang Stürzlinger (A) Danielle Tost (ES) Philip J.Willis (UK)
Peter Wisskirchen (D)    

Invited speakers

Prof. Dr. Dieter Fellner: Design of a Graphics Architecture Bridging the Gap between Modeling and Rendering , University of Bonn, Germany
Prof. Nadia Magnenat Thalmann: 3D Clothes Animation and Fashion Show Simulation, MIRALab, University of Geneve, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Franz-Erich Wolter: Differencial Geometric Concepts and Methods in CAGD, University of Hannover, Germany

Official sponsors

I B M s.r.o. , Hewlett Packard s.r.o.
Intergraph s.r.o. , Silicon Graphics s.r.o., Microsoft s.r.o.
Wolfram Research Inc. , DTP Studio s.r.o.

Conference Programme

Chairman's message

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