The Conference Program


The Third International Conference in Central Europe
on Computer Graphics and Visualisation 95

(Winter School of Computer Graphics and Visualization 95)

February 14 - 18, 1995

University of West Bohemia, Plzen Czech Republic

Vaclav Skala (CR)

Conference Co-Chairs
Vaclav Skala (CR)
Harold P.Santo (P)

International Program Committee Members

B. Barsky (USA) A. Chalmers (UK) G. Clapsworthy (UK)
S. Cunningham (UK) J. Day (Australia) D. Fellner (D)
E. Groller (A) L. Kjelldahl (S) S. Klimenko (Russia)
A. Middleditch (UK) V. Mockrzycki (PL) D. Paddon (UK)
H.P. Seidel (D) F. Sillion (F) N.M.Thalmann (CH)
  P. Willis (UK)  

Official Sponsors

Autodesk,s.r.o. CAdis,a.s. Dipro,a.s.
DTP Studio s.r.o. Hewlett Packard,s.r.o. IBM CR,s.r.o.
Inel,s.r.o. Intergraph CR,s.r.o. Microsoft,s.r.o.
Silicon Graphics,s.r.o. Technodat, s.r.o. Waterloo Maple Software GmbH
Pilsner Urquell Wolfram Research  

Conference Secretariat


c/o Vaclav Skala
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitni 8, Box 314 Tel: +42-19-7491-188
306 14 Plzen Fax: +42-19-7491-213
Czech Republic

Conference Programme


Session A

Session B

Session C

Session D

Session E

Session F

Session G

Session H

Session I

Session J

Session K

Session L

Session M

Session N

Session O

Company Presentations

Autodesk Hewlett Packard Cadis
IBM - CATIA Silicon Graphics Expert Service
GRALL Microsoft Intergraph
SYSCAE Technodat 3E Engineering
Wolfram Research Waterloo MAPLE Software Czech Software First
OpenCAE Superscape VR ARC Design

Books Exhibition

Academic Press John Wiley & Sons  
Computer Press Proxima Publishers  

WSCG95 Video Show Programme

Film selections from Computer Animation 94 held in Geneve  

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