WSCG International Books Exhibitions

The WSCG Book exhibition are held during the WSCG conference and top internationally recognized publishers display books and journals etc. Also top leading Czech and foreign companies present their products. The exhibition is open to all experts in the field of Computer Graphics,  Computer Vision, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Visualization and related Mathematical fields and to general public free of charge, see list of WSCG topics.

If you are interested in, please, contact WSCG organizer - prof.V.Skala e-mail: subj. WSCG Exhibition for details as soon as possible.
Display of Books is FREE of CHARGE for publishers

Some photos from International Exhibitions


Recent Exhibitions

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Some photos from Books and Journals Exhibitions



Recent Publishers

A.K.Peters Ltd., USA Elsevier Science, NL Springer Verlag, DE
Academic Press, U.K. John Wiley & Sons Ltd., U.K. Edward Arnold Ltd., U.K.
Addison Wesley, NL Kluwer Academic Publ., NL Pearson Education U.K.
Afterhurst Publ.Ltd., U.K. MIT Press, USA Taylor & Francis U.K.
Blackwell Publishers Ltd, U.K. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers VSP Int. Publ., NL
Artech House Books, U.K. Oxford University Press, U.K. Prentice Hall, U.K.
Cambridge University Press, U.K. Plenum Publishing, U.K.  


Last update: 22.07.2012