O13: Real-time visualization of Dynamic Unlimited Objects Instancing

Jablonski,Sz.;Martyn, T.

In this paper, we propose a novel approach to an efficient rendering of an
unlimited number of dynamic and unique 3D objects in real-time. We present an
extension to the Holistic Unlimited Object Instancing (UOI) rendering pipeline
and the holistic computer graphics paradigm.
We called this extension Dynamic Unlimited Object Instancing rendering pipeline.
Using Signed Distance Functions (SDF) for the virtual scene representation
and the Holistic Scene Dynamics Function, we can control
and render an unlimited number of dynamic 3D objects in real-time.
In order to solve some issues of the original UOI rendering pipeline, we
developed two extensions: first, a collection of holistic Dynamic operators,
and, second, the Multipass Depth-Based Ray Marching rendering pipeline.
The operators are used to apply affine transformations to an unlimited number of
3D objects and also to animate their materials and other attributes. In order to solve the problem of
the uniform object distribution within the scene, we redefined the original definition of the
scene SDF component. The virtual scene equation is divided
into independent SDF components, which are rendered separately using the
Multipass Depth-Based Ray Marching pipeline. Thanks to both extensions, the new version of the Holistic UOI
rendering pipeline can handle 3D objects intersections what significantly
enhances the realism of SDF scenes. The presented extensions to the UOI
rendering pipeline are fully compatible with the Holistic UOI rendering pipeline, SDF and
Sparse Voxel Octree (SVO) based algorithms. The only hardware requirement for
our approach is the support for multipass rendering with compute shaders or any