S02: The solution of the problem of simplifying the images for the subsequent minimization of the image bit depth

Semenishchev, E., Voronin, V., Shraifel, I,

In this paper, we present an approach allows us to make a change in the depth of brightness of images. This type of operation is required when performing primary processing operations, identifying parameters and stitching images. The implementation of the bits depth change on the image is performed in three stages. At each stage, the error minimization criterion is tested. Result of the operation the approach makes it possible to find a solution to the problem of obtaining a minimum of the numerical characteristics of the regions, including the search for the number of clusters, the minimum size, and the sum of the cluster size maximum. Performing an operation minimizing any of the criteria will better divide the image into the areas. The paper presents a mathematical description of the approach, as well as flowcharts for performing operations of data processing steps. The article presents recommendations on choosing coefficients for obtaining optimal of minimization of parameters. The test images show an example of performing a bits change operation the areas on images.