Q79: A Persistent Naming System Based on Graph Transformation Rules

Marcheix,D., Cardot,A., Skapin,X.

3D modeling for Archaeology requires to easily model scenes by letting users evaluate a parametric specification of archaeology-oriented gestures, then modify and reevaluate the specification to produce various restitution hypotheses. But the current modeling tools that support reevaluation mechanisms are not dedicated to Archaeology. The Jerboa library, based on graph transformations rules, is well suited for creating operations fitting the needs of archaeologists. But it does not any support reevaluation mechanism and especially the persistent naming system, that is used to identify the entities of the initial model and match them with entities of the reevaluated model. In this paper, we extend Jerboa with a new application-independent persistent naming model, which is more general and homogeneous than other solutions found in the literature and is the first one to handle parametric specification edition.