P79: Dynamic Correction of Image Distortions for a Kinect-Projector System

Park,J., Moon,S., Ko,K

This paper addresses the problem of correcting distortion in an image projected onto a target screen without using a camera. Unlike a camera-projector system that projects a special pattern on the screen and acquires it using a camera for distortion correction, the proposed system computes the amount of correction directly from the geometric shape of the screen, which is captured by a Kinect device, a scanner that produces 3D points of the screen shape. We modified the two-pass rendering method that has been used for the projector-camera system. An image is created on the Kinect plane. Next, the image is mapped to the 3D points of the screen shape obtained by the Kinect device using the ray-surface intersection method. Finally, a corrected image is obtained by transforming the image on the 3D point set to the projector plane. The proposed method does not require a marker or a pattern and can be used in a dynamic environment where the shape of the screen changes, or either the viewer"s position and direction change. Various tests demonstrate the performance of the proposed method.