P02: Comparing the performance and Accuracy of Algorithms applied to Tattoos Images Identi?cation

Horta, A. A., Magalhães, L. P.

This article presents results of the simulation of SIFT based algorithms in the context of the identi?cation of tattoos. The algorithms studied are the SIFT - Scale Invariant Feature Transform, ASIFT - Af?ne SIFT, BOV Bag of Visual Words and FV - Fisher Vector. The use of the OPF - Optimum-Path Forest and SVM - Support Vector Machine classi?ers is exploited in conjunction with SIFT and ASIFT algorithms as well as BOV and FV. The present study uses the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Tatt-C dataset in a reduced and complete version. This work uses runtime and accuracy to compare the results of the simulations.