VDesktop: Event Management and Physically Based Behaviour in Tabletops Displays

Moreno,A.,Heukamp,J., Posada,J., García-Alonso,A.

The applications for digital tabletops have notable differences with the traditional desktops applications, being the major one, that the user input is not the traditional combination of mouse and keyboard. This works addresses the difficulties and characteristics of the event-handling management, when the applications are extended from 2D to 3D in the context of tabletops displays, where the interactions between the user and the represented 3D objects are more complex. This complexity increases when physically based behaviour is considered for the objects. More concretely, the scope of this work is oriented to the support of physic-based simulation events in a tabletop display with an implementation of a system based on the OGRE graphical library and the ODE physical library, able to handle such elements.