Compression and Progressive Visualization of Geometric Models

Silva,F., Yadav,P.

The maximum compression, efficient transmission and fast rendering of geometric models is a complex problem for many reasons, thereby gaining a lot of attention from several areas, like compression and rendering of geometric models. Normally, the stripification algorithms are used to speed up the rendering of geometric models because they reduce the number of vertices sent to the graphics pipeline by exploiting the fact that adjacent triangles share an edge.
In this paper, we present a new compression algorithm based on stripification of geometric models that enable us a progressive visualization of the models during its transmission. It occurs because our algorithm encodes and decodes the geometry and the connectivity of the model in an interwoven fashion. The main purpose is the storage of object files as strips files in server computer, which enables faster transmission and display of the models at client side. In fact, our compression algorithm achieves compression ratios above 40:1 over ASCII encoded formats and the triangle strips improve rendering performance.