POSTER: Introduction of Animation Assignment in Graphic Science Education making Use of CG Application of Data Describing Type


In Osaka City University, Graphic Science Education has been located not as an entrance of drawing and designing exercise but as design language education constructed by knowledge and technique which facilitate intelligible communication making good use of figures and drawings. From academic year 2006, number of lecture units in half year increased 1 unit in Osaka City university. Making use of the unit, we secured 3 units for animation exercise and introduced geometry CG art for further understanding about parametric control method in POV-Ray. Due to these change, we decided to regard animation work as compulsory assignment. Comparing to GUI interface CG modeler, it is difficult to construct animation with parametric modeler like POV-Ray. As users have to consider relationship of parameters and produced image manually with parametric CG modeler in return for vast possibility of animation idea. Students submitted a lot of type of animation works. And almost all students evaluated CG animation as "interesting" exercise comparing to other topics. In this paper, the content of the subject and submitted animation works is introduced. And the comparison analysis between result of class evaluation for animation and that for other topics is discussed.