POSTER: 3D Geovisualization Service for Grid-oriented Applications of Natural Disasters

Pajorová,E,. Hluchý,L., Anthes,Ch.

The state-of-the-art visualization libraries and tools (both 2D and 3D) offer many features that can satisfy virtually all needs of a typical scientific application. However, the approaches of visualization toolkits are differ. Our aim is to design a framework that will define a unified way of cooperation between Grid visualization applications and visualization clients. Working with the Grid technology implies increased complexity on one hand, and user demands for high interactivity on the other. The duration of the computations in the Grid environment being exceedingly long, the user naturally wants to see the intermediate results and requires means to modify the running computations if the intermediate results are not satisfactory. Our current purpose is to create unified framework that provides means for run-time monitoring of the running Grid applications and displaying their intermediate results in the client application. This paper describes creation the basic gridtool for mentioned framework, concrete 3D Geovisualization service for Grid_based assessment applications of natural disasters. A lot of international projects oriented on natural disasters utilise grid computing and within grid solution raises requirement of visualization service for displaying their intermediate results and for presentation the final results. Such service requires unified standards like integration of input data formats and especially creation of unified visualization tool. It should integrate visualization requests of any kind of application oriented on computing of natural disasters. In case it is grid computing it has to be established also submit workflow, which controls execution of this visualization service. Development of all executable modules and solution of all above mentioned grid computing specific problems was subject of our scientific work presented in this articl