Interactive Cutting Operations for Generating Anatomical Illustrations from Volumetric Data Sets

Mensmann,J., Ropinski,T., Hinrichs,K.

In anatomical illustrations deformation is often used to increase expressivity, to improve spatial comprehension and to enable an unobstructed view onto otherwise occluded structures. Based on our analysis and classification of deformations frequently found in anatomical textbooks we introduce a technique for interactively creating such deformations of volumetric data acquired with medical scanners. Our approach exploits the 3D ChainMail algorithm in combination with a GPU-based ray-casting renderer in order to perform deformations. Thus complex, interactive deformations become possible without a costly preprocessing or the necessity to reduce the data set resolution. For cutting operations we provide a template-based interaction technique which supports precise control of the cutting parameters. For commonly used deformation operations we provide adaptable interaction templates, whereas arbitrary deformations can be specified by using a point-and-drag interface.