A Generalized Light-Field API and Management System

Blasco,J., Escriva,M., Abad,F., Quiros,R., Camahort,E., Vivo,R.

Light fields are a computer graphics modeling technique that represents objects using radiance samples instead of geometry. Radiance samples maybe stored as sets of images or 4D arrays of pixel values. Light fields have various advantages: their rendering complexity only depends on the output image's, they can represent sophisticated illumination effects, and they are well-suited for display using autostereoscopic devices. To study different light-field representations, as well as their capture, generation, resampling, storage, composition, rendering and display, we have developed a light-field based API and graphics system. The system supports models based on different light-field parameterizations, as well as different generation and capture methods, rendering methods, data caching algorithms and output displays. The API will also support hybrid light-field and geometry based models, as well as light-field resampling and composition.