On the use of a Palm Computer for Design Review Interaction in a Virtual Room

Pignatel,A., Farella,E., Brevi,F., Benini,L., Gaiani,M.

More and more often the use of photorealistic models for design review processes involves the setup of special rooms, fully dedicated to visualize digital models onto large display, the so called CADwall. In this scenario an effective interaction with virtual prototypes is a basic need, but it is almost always based on traditional input devices, such as mouse and keyboard. The design review process is usually led by a chief designer, but the use of traditional interaction tools involves the need of an additional hidden operator. This operator is guided by chief designer through vocal inputs in a slow, misleading and not efficient way. In this paper we propose a solution based on a handheld device and an inertial sensor node, with a graphic interface that allows a direct interaction with 3-D digital models inside virtual rooms with large displays.