Fluid dynamic simulation for multilayer cutting in virtual environment

Rianto, S., Li,L., Squelch, A. Hartley, B.M.

In this paper, we introduce a 3D fluid dynamics solver for real-time interactions in virtual environments. We approach the solution of differential equations based on the cubic interpolated propagation (CIP) technique on graphic processor unit (GPU). Since the CIP combines the solution for fluid equations and their interactions with the environment together, the Navier-Stokes equation can be solved efficiently. Furthermore, to achieve high performance results without involving a supercomputer, we take advantage of the parallelism and programmability of the GPU. Simulation is performed on pixels that can be considered to be a grid of cells; therefore processing on multiple vertices and pixels can be done simultaneously in parallel. This strategy is effective enough to simulate a fluid dynamic model for real-time virtual cuttings in a 3D computer graphic. Experimental results demonstrate that the skin cutting followed by blood flowing over the anatomical surface runs smoothly in a real-time interaction and a realistic visual effect is achieved.