Automatic Zoom and Pseudo Haptics to Support Semiautomatic Segmentation Tasks

Schoor,W.,Bollenbeck,F., Hofmann,M., Mecke,R., Seiffert,U., Preim,B.

This paper presents a new technique for navigating large amounts of biological image data during segmentation. Digitized microtome tissue slices of barley grains constitute the image data. Automatic zoom is dependent on mouse speed, thus enabling users to navigate an image more efficiently and with a tighter focus during segmentation. The user remains oriented and smoothly traverses through the data. Furthermore, pseudo haptic feedback based on image cost map data compensates for user inaccuracies generated, for example, by shaky hands. A prototype was implemented and tested. An informal usability study indicates that users are inclined to prefer automatic zooming and pseudo haptics for semiautomatic segmentation tasks.