An Agent Programming Framework based on the C# language and the Common Language Infrastructure

A.Gozzi, A. Grosso, M. Coccoli,  A. Boccalatte and M. Paolucci
University of Genova
Department of Computer, Communication, and Systems Science
Via Opera Pia, 13 – 16145 Genova



Keywords: “Agent”, “Multi-Agents”, “Agent Programming Framework”, “Microsoft.NET platform”


The aim of this paper is that of describing the software architecture designed for the implementation of an agent programming framework. Contrary to the widely adopted use of the Java platform in most agent-based solutions and related research activity, the present work has been entirely carried on in the novel .NET framework (Microsoft Corp.) which offers technological solutions able to cope with common problems which often arise when working in other enterprise platforms (both J2EE and Microsoft DNA). In particular this work is based on the C# language and the Common Language Infrastructure. One solution is described to make management of agents easier from a programmer’s point of view. As result an agent programming framework is presented, fully exploiting the above concepts.